Salvation ... comes from the Lord ... because they take refuge in him. (Psalm 37:39-40)

Book Endorsements

Escaping the Pain of Offense: Empowered to Forgive from the Heart 
by Edward Hersh

Book Endorsements:

"Forgiving from the heart is Christ's commandment for Escaping the Pain of Offense. Only through Christ are we empowered to forgive and bless. This book helps the reader engage the power of Christ's death and resurrection to release the provision for healthy and joyful living.
-- John Sandford, Elijah House

"The author of Escaping the Pain of Offense is a former student of mine with an insightful and heart-felt approach to this important topic. Seldom does a book on forgiveness weave theology, science, and pastoral aspects of forgiveness into a form that is practically helpful. Dr. Hersh does this beautifully. His emphasis on uncovering core beliefs that hold hearts captive to the pain of unforgiveness can lead you to deeper levels of intimacy with the Lord. His book is well-worth your time and effort."
-- Fernando Garzon, Psy.D., Associate Professor, Liberty University

 "Finding freedom from emotional pain buried by long forgotten hurts sometimes involves examining the source to allow God to show you where the "stuck point" occurred. Escaping the Pain of Offense provides sharp insight to cut to the heart of the matter. It sensitively leads you to Jesus as the true Healer of all life's hurts."
-- Frank Meadows LCSW, Clinical Director, Christian Psychotherapy Services and Founder of the  Meadows Healing Prayer Center in Chesepeake, VA

"Dr. Hersh captures the essence of forgiveness in a way that takes the reader of Escaping the Pain of Offense to the heart of the matter. His thorough study of the topic gives the reader wise counsel and practical steps to follow towards wholeness."
-- E. Daniel Martin, MD, Psychiatrist

"Taking the bait of offense gives the enemy of God's people the greatest opportunity to pierce our prayer shield. Learn how Escaping the Pain of Offense can ward off the tormenters of our souls, invite God's presence into our midst, and make our prayers more effective. This is a vital topic to help you and your group experience health and well being."
-- Abby Abildness, President, Hershey Aglow;  Healing Tree International

"The ministry of reconciliation is for all Christians, in all places, and spanning all times.  The book Escaping the Pain of Offense helps Christ followers resolve conflict and pursue relationships reconciled through hearts surrendered to Jesus. This produces fruit to make the great commission a reality." 
--Roland Werner, Pastor, Christus-Treff Church in Marburg, Germany

"As a recent student of mine, Ed Hersh demonstrated knowledge and commitment to the topic that makes this book well worth your effort to explore.  Escaping the Pain of Offense outlines key aspects of forgiveness with biblical truth and action steps to greatly enhance your walk with God."
-- Dr. Howard Dial, Senior Pastor, Berachah Bible Church, Jonesboro, GA

"Forgiveness, everyone talks about it, but few actually practice true forgiveness. Here's a book that will empower you to forgive from the heart.  Challenging, engaging, and equipping for Escaping the Pain of Offense, your relationships with God and others will be deeply enriched."
-- Kenneth Martin, Senior Pastor, First Assembly of God, Hermitage, PA

"There is little doubt that the topic of this excellent resource compiled by Edward Hersh will be relevant and helpful for all who have personally experienced struggles with forgiveness and reconciliation or are aware of others with a need to face those issues.
I have known Ed to be passionately and compassionately focused in addressing these topics. He has combined a wealth of life experience with intense research to produce Escaping the Pain of Offense.
As both a long-time friend of Ed’s and one who has worked beside him in a variety of cultures, I know that this book will be a valuable tool and a useful addition to any library."
 --Dr. Evelyn Biles, President of Global Mosaic International

"Ed Hersh has astutely captured the essence of forgiveness in his book Escaping the Pain of Offense.  Ed's educational background, discernment, and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit make him a qualified person to address this topic with integrity and reliability.
-- Barry Wissler, Sr. Pastor, Ephrata Community Church, Ephrata, PA

"Escaping the Pain of Offense will truly empower you to forgive from the heart. This book contains truth for healing of all peoples from varied cultures and backgrounds. Practicing forgiveness and reconciliation is key to unifying the Body of Christ." 
--Manny Roman, Pastor of Puerto de Refugio, a church in Lancaster, PA