Salvation ... comes from the Lord ... because they take refuge in him. (Psalm 37:39-40)

Sunday, July 7, 2019

Trust Triumphs Through Trying Times

Like the constant drip of a leaky faucet, is the reminder of human frailty when facing a chronic health condition, disability, or terminal illness. In situations like these, the definition of healing seems to change as time moves on.  Our perspective of God is key to moving our natural reactions of fear,  to supernatural responses of faith.  Refuge and healing of more than the natural body are found in God and are of eternal value.  
This past week we attended a clebration of life service for a good friend Carol Witmer.  Her death followed a five year illness from a rare cancer.  I am so impressed by her perspective in what she wrote before her heath that I include it here.  

“One morning while listening to God and praying for the healing of my body it seemed God was saying, “I have a bigger picture than simply healing your earthly body—trust me." So, I trusted God in his bewildering, puzzling, troubling but perfect plan even though I was not able to see it fully at that moment. During the past year and a half I had a deep sense that God's larger, grand, more complete plan was unfolding.
The key for me was to trust! Whether I received answers to why things happened the way they did or not, I knew I needed Jesus far more than I needed understanding. I didn't understand, so I trusted!
God sees and knows the bigger, more comprehensive plan for your life, too. Trust Him!
When I got the news that my lungs were cluttered with masses that didn't belong there, my first thought was friends that do not have a relationship with Jesus. Is that you? My immediate silent prayer was, “Lord, let this journey with suffering that I am about to embrace lead them to you!"
I hope that my brief time on this earth inspired you to find your way back to relationship with God. Because Jesus' suffering on the cross gave me such life, it didn't seem too much if my suffering helped you find Christ!
Each of us are created to be in relationship with God, and that is what he longs for. He searches for ways to reach your soul.
Now I’m celebrating my new life with Jesus in Heaven! I’m finally seeing God, my Father, face to face! And now I am able to understand truths that, while on Earth, I could only believe in faith!
My earthly choices are now finished.
I chose Jesus, and I chose to trust.
You are still making your choices.
Choose Jesus!

Choosing Jesus in the midst of a difficult physical condition is similar to choosing Jesus with a mental or emotional struggle as well.  We have a choice. We can choose to trust God and surrender to him the rights to be Judge in a situation that seems unjust, unfair, or unloving.  Or we can allow ourselves to be overcome by bitterness, resentment, and hatred.   Understanding does not bring freedom, but trusting God does.  Trusting God to be big enough to make right even the greatest wrong that has been done to us, gives release to  unwarrrented demands for justice.  
Forgiveness is God’s way of making wrongs right.  We have a choice to trust and cooperate with God’s ways, or continue to rely on our own understanding in working things out (Proverbs 3:5-6).  Even as a follower of Jesus, our choices to trust must continue beyond an initial born-again experience.  Choosing Jesus is believing and trusting that He has accomplished all the forgiveness that is ever needed to take care of our offenses, and the offenses of others against us.  Trusting and practicing forgiveness determines the condition of our core inner being.  Refuge, healing, peace, and calm are truly known by choosing Jesus.   Choose Jesus, each moment of each day!

A song that has helped me through many of my own trying times is "Yet I Will Praise."  Here is a link to listen to a version by Andy Park:

by Ed Hersh, Blue Rock BnB Healing Ministry