Salvation ... comes from the Lord ... because they take refuge in him. (Psalm 37:39-40)

Sunday, January 4, 2015

New Year Resolution

            New year, fresh start, renewed hopes, re-ignited dreams, are all somehow part of the January 1 experience.  But for many of us, it's going to take nothing short of a revolution, (much more than a resolution), to make 2015 better than 2014.  That is, a revolution in our thinking and perceiving how the world operates.
            A resolution (decision) to lose weight, kick a bad habit, get out of debt, or love your family more, is common in the 1st quarter of the year, but it's the 4th quarter outcomes that tell the real story.  I've heard it said, "Making decisions is easy.  It's managing those decisions that really makes the difference."  Breaking down a goal/ resolution into manageable steps so you can consistently see your progress, is a key.   Are you ready to manage a revolutionary year in 2015? 
            You've probably heard that infamous definition of insanity, "doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results."  Improvement requires change.  Not just any kind of change, but change in the right direction. 
            If you really want to make 2015 a better year, one of the most important changes you can make is becoming more solution-focused.  Many times we get so tangled in our problems that we get stuck being problem-focused rather than solution-focused.  We become what we focus on.  If we focus on our doubts, worries, and unbelief, we become a fear-driven person.  If we focus on sureties, possibilities, and belief, we become a faith-driven person.  Our thoughts, feelings, and actions demonstrate one or the other; fear or faith.  Which will dominate our focus for 2015?  Will we cave in to fear of finding problems with no solutions, or will we resolve to find faith for solutions to problems? 
            Winston Churchill once said, "A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; ;an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty."  We hope for fewer difficulties in 2015.   That hope may or may not be realized, but one thing is for sure.  We can choose to focus on the opportunities more than the difficulties. 
            May 2015 be an overcoming year for each person reading this!  Seek to make God a bigger part of your solutions, and find Him blessing your resolve! 

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by Ed Hersh, Blue Rock BnB Healing Ministry