Salvation ... comes from the Lord ... because they take refuge in him. (Psalm 37:39-40)

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Blindness Does Not Destroy Vision

Last month I answered the following "call" from
            "UNBROKEN, in theaters Christmas Day, is the most inspirational and faith-revitalizing film you'll see all year. And now Universal Pictures and director Angelina Jolie are giving you and your audience the chance to be part of this epic event by sharing your story of resilience, triumph and the power of God to deliver us from our trials.
            The studio has launched the #IAmUnbroken campaign in conjunction with the film that celebrates Louis Zamperinis unbroken spirit by inviting people from all walks of life to share their inspiring stories. Participants are encouraged to use hashtag #IAmUnbroken when submitting and sharing their story on their own social channels in order to generate awareness."

My story follows:
            Becoming blind ranks at the top of the list of things people fear the most.  I had no way of being aware of that fact when I was born legally blind because of broken optic nerves.  I'm sure my parents had some fears when they discovered I couldn't see like other children my age. However, I grew up on a farm and I pitched in with all the chores for a healthy work ethic to learn unbrokenness.  Unbrokenly confident in my abilities, it was other peoples' brokenness  that kept me from fitting in socially and vocationally.  I couldn't compete well in sports.  I couldn't get a driver's license and at age 16 get a car to impress the girls and dream of having a family and life companion. 
            But after questioning God in my teen years and wondering why he didn't heal my eyes, I started discovering how much of a loving Father God, He REALLY is.  My life turned around when I was in college.   I found a sweetheart for a wife.   We raised four children together, and now the grandchildren are starting to come. 
            I was unbroken in my quest for employment.  The government declared me disabled and unemployable.  I suffered my share of injustice through job denials, unfair performance expectations, and job promotion refusals. However, I made a career of software development for 17 years.  After a graduate degree in counseling, I transitioned into pastoral ministry.  My wife and I started a bed and breakfast business we still operate today.  I went on for a doctorate degree, authored a book, and serve numerous churches and organizations in Christian ministry.
            God has blessed me incredibly.  I'm occasionally tempted to fall back into the brokenness of depression and anxiety I once allowed to influence my life.  I've come to realize everyone is broken in  some way, but God always offers a way through the brokenness.  As a trained and experienced counselor God now gives me the privilege of helping other  people overcome their brokenness.  My severe eyesight limitations have turned my heart to God in ways not possible otherwise.  By his creative fashioning, I have become a more useful tool in the Master's hand.
            My Name Is Ed Hersh and I Am Unbroken

I also submitted a song with my story and posted it to
The song is inspired from verses in John chapter 14 where Jesus talks about Father God building a house for his people to live in.  Our physical body, or "house" while living on earth, is superceded by a spiritual house for our being to dwell in the presence of God.  We do not have to wait for heaven to experience this "house," but can enjoy deeper personal relationship with Father God while existing on earth.  Come on in to His House today!   Jesus is the Way;  Father's House is the destination! 

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